Excellent Amenities at Lakewoods Apartments

Welcome to Lakewoods Apartments, a premier apartment community perfectly suited for individuals 62 and above, disabled, or handicapped. You will experience all sorts of great features and facilities in this exquisite housing community. Some of these include: a fitness center, a wonderful outdoor dining area, and a fully furnished community room with a fireplace. There are also many onsite parking spaces for your automobiles.

All Lakewoods Apartments residents must pay a rental fee of $irez, Ohio. This fee includes daily rent, late fee, pet fee, damage deposit, HOA fees, and security deposits. Residents are required to pay a one time security deposit when first renting a unit. This deposit must be returned on the first of each month after the unit is rented. If you fail to return the deposit on the first of each month, then your security deposit will be forfeited.

All residents must respect the community guidelines and policies of the building and live accordingly. In houses for rent in saginaw mi to maintain a pleasant living environment, all residents must strictly observe the set rules and regulations. condos for rent in biloxi ms are always allowed inside the building, but they are not permitted to roam freely outside. In addition, Lakewoods apartments and dayton community rooms require that pet owners clean up after their pets at least once per week.

Every resident of Lakewoods Apartments is provided with two full days of vacation leave each year. The first day is free and the second is fifty cents per day. The Lakewood community room provides additional benefits for seniors such as transportation to the local grocery store, paid parking, laundry services, doctor consultation, and much more. Each resident of the Lakewood apartments and dayton community rooms is also provided with a computer terminal, printer, copy machine, high speed internet access, telephone with voice mail, and more.

The community room of each apartment complex has a lounge area for visitors and residents to utilize. There is a security staff on duty at all times to monitor the lounge area. However, residents may have their personal belongings brought into the lounge area without being scanned. If a resident wishes to remove any personal items, he or she may use the resident's locker provided at each apartment.

Each individual resident of Lakewoods Apartments is assigned a community officer who acts as the resident's representative with the management company. This officer will meet with the residents and check on how residents are doing, what needs to be done, and what residents' concerns are. All residents are expected to live in a safe and healthy community. All residents must follow the rules of the community and report any problems they come across to the principal owner of the building. The main goal of the Lakewoods community is to make sure that all residents are kept happy and satisfied by providing a safe, clean, and comfortable living environment.

The Lakewoods Apartments have features such as health clubs, fitness centers, daycare, paid parking, laundry facilities, paid parking, wireless Internet access, onsite restaurants, and much more. Amenities are just some of the things that make living in a community of Lakewoods Apartments an enjoyable experience. The management of Lakewoods Villas and Apartments offers many services to keep residents happy and secure. The residents of the Lakewoods apartments and villas are offered many options to make their lives comfortable.

The community of Lakewoods Villas and Apartments is managed by a professional and experienced real estate management company. The management team of the Lakewoods apartments and dayton community is made up of seasoned professionals who have many years of experience working in the industry. These real estate experts provide services to the residents of the community including management assistance, property management, maintenance of the buildings, and safety programs. With apartments louisville ky of services, residents of the Lakewood community are assured of a safe and comfortable living experience.

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